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Characteristics of Good Businessmen

Some people think that starting a business needs a good skill of entrepreneurship in one’s self. Some people even take an entrepreneur class in order to start a business of their own. Is that true?Most businessmen said that business is a form of art. It obviously takes a certain kind of skill but it does not always need that kind of skill beforehand. It means that the skill of business will be learned as long as you actually do it. In other words, business is a learning by doing the process.However, most people are curious about what characteristics that a good businessman or entrepreneur have in order to have a good business career. Here are several characteristics or traits of a successful businessman


A good businessman sees everything around him as an opportunity to create value not only for himself but also his surroundings. He has a good eye for seeing what is actually in high demand. Good businessmen do not only follow the trend. Instead, they create the trend. They know what innovation should be made to create values, or specifically economic values, for themselves so that they can make the best out of it.


Good businessmen always have vision. They see for the future, not only for now or a short term. They are able to see how the society will work in the future and what people will need then. Based on their visions, they created a business that will work with good volatility in the future.


Good businessmen do not break easily. They are flexible. If they do not see this way as a good way, they go another way. If another way does not work, they find another way. If no other ways work for them, well, they created a way for themselves! That’s the flexibility of a good businessman.

Getting to Know with Nonprofit Business

When you started a business, your main goal mostly is to achieve profits as many as you can collect. Right? But, nowadays, with the advancement of humanity and caring for each other, many people and organizations start a business without aiming high profits. These businesses are called nonprofit business.

What is Nonprofit Business?

Some academic studies do not like the term “nonprofit business” because ultimately, no businesses are started without aiming profits in the first place. Most academic readings use the term “nonprofit organization” instead of “nonprofit business” since they categorized nonprofit organization as a non-business entity. However, for the rest of this article, I prefer to use the term “nonprofit business”. Nonprofit business is started without aiming high profits. They may still aim for cash inflows or assets increase, while they still also have some financial activities going. However, these financial capabilities are organized not to achieve profits that maximize the value of the business as well as its owners. It mostly prefers to circulate these financial capabilities to maximize the value of its surroundings or other people. This organization or this business usually creates some social activity that brings high benefits to people in general.

Management of Nonprofit Business

Remember, it does not mean that nonprofit businesses do not take any cash inflows or receive any assets increase at all. They use their financial assets mostly to make benefit for all people. Sometimes they also create profits for themselves but they do not call it “profit”; they prefer to call it “budget surplus” or such, so they will always use this surplus for next social projects in the future.There are many examples of nonprofit businesses around us. Charity, for example, is the simplest form of nonprofit business. Thus, charities may be categorized as a business entity for its financial inflow and outflow.